5 reasons to use showit for your small business

5 reasons to use SHOWIT for your small business


you might be wondering … what the heck is showit? well – its a fairly new website platform that is highly robust, fully customizable + incredibly easy to use. i’m sure you have landed on some incredibly beautiful websites and i’m willing to bet they were built on showit, as its trusted + used by many top creative business owners in a variety of fields. showit also offers amazing support + tutorials if you need a hand along the way.

also, if you are reading this post – you are viewing it on a showit platform. i built this site from a blank canvas + transformed it into a space that is completely me.

here are my top 5 reasons to choose showit for your small business.

PLUS! read to the end for a big bonus!

+ ease of use

it really doesn’t get easier than this. showit requires very minimal (if you are using a widget) to no coding as this is a drag + drop platform, making design + edits a breeze. it’s incredibly easy to edit your copy + images on your own so your website will always be up to date with your new work + services. showit subscriptions include your web hosting along with built-in SEO features. Within each showit page, you’ll find a place for SEO Titles, Descriptions + Keywords. the only thing you need to do is link your domain!

+ complete design freedom

it’s like designing a project in adobe illustrator + it magically comes to life as a website! if you are working with a professional website designer, such as myself, we can create can anything – the possibilities are endless as there are no design limits. this has to be my favorite part of showit – bringing 100% custom design to each project – no templates, no restrictions, just creativity.

+ design desktop + mobile experiences independently of each other

another amazing feature of showit. desktop + mobile experiences are designed completely independent of each other, which means you control how your website looks + works, making the user experience on both platforms seamless.

+ beautiful ready made templates

if you’re all about DIY – showit templates are made for you. the ease of content editing, image replacing + object placement are a no hassle, quick + easy way to get your site up in no time! showit offers a range of free + paid templates that are all beautiful + professional.

but in my opinion, if you’re really looking to DIY level up your brand, tonic site shop makes the best showit templates. they are incredibly beautiful, so functional + very easy to customize. upload the template + start editing!

if these templates are calling to you, make sure to use this 15% off code on anything at tonic site shop. they also have incredible add-ons such as podcast pages, sales pages + IG link pages.

+ wordpress blogging + shopify integrations

looking to add a new blog or transfer your current one? showit + wordpress, the #1 blogging platform, work together to create a seamless experience. the template is created in showit and all the blogging is done in wordpress. hit publish and all edits are live in real time.

need a shop? showit also syncs with Shopify to create an easy to use ecommerce platform connected to your website.

If showit sounds like a great platform, but you’re still unsure if its right for you, give a try for FREE!

use this link to get 30 days free on showit – play around and see if you like it. i’m sure you’ll love it!

If you’re ready for a fully custom, built from scratch, beautiful + functional website to showcase your brand, book at consult + let’s chat!

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