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5 signs that you need a new website


you’re probably thinking – i already have a website. i don’t need a new one. i mean – your website is pretty functional, right? but is your website working for you? Is it attracting your dream clients? Is it making you money? is it working while you sleep?

When it comes to website design, it’s the typical all or nothing approach. first, a GIANT launch or rebrand with giveaways, countdowns + confetti. then nothing. until you feel like you’ve got the energy to tackle things again… or the PTSD kicks in. Whichever happens first. 

Let’s break this sad little cycle + restore some confidence back into your website. here are the 5 biggest questions will actually help you figure out how to analyze AND improve your website.

+ Are You Excited to Send People to Your Site, or Do You Avoid It As Much as Possible? 

i totally get it. i was in the same place before my relaunch. i desperately needed to finish my rebrand + launch my new site (this one you are one now!) Maybe you aren’t happy with the way your website looks + functions. Maybe you haven’t had the time or know how to make the updates or changes. Maybe your site feels out-of-date and you know you’ve got to do something about it, but that keeps getting pushed down to the endless to-do list. We’ve all been there, trust me! But … if scrolling through your current site makes you cringe, chances are it’s not going to excite the clients you dream about, either. you should be proud excited to send people to your website – not just because it’s pretty + looks nice – but because you know people are going to have a great, strategically designed experience with your brand that either ends in them wanting to work with you OR knowing they’re not the right fit.

If any of the reasons above resonate with you, then this is the NUMBER ONE sign you need a new website.

+ Can You easily Update Your Website with Small or big Changes?

Your answer to this simply has to be a hell yes. The whole point of having your own website is that it should feel like yours in every way. It needs to change + move as fast as you or your business. It should feel like a comfortable home base – you know where everything is, how to navigate + update, customize + personalize it yourself.

no matter how technically un-saavy you may be, editing your own website isn’t out of reach. Wouldn’t it be great if you felt empowered + capable (maybe even a little excited!) every time you make updates to your website? When you have a great marketing idea or a change to your business offerings, can you hop into your website + quickly reflect that? If not, your website is going to lag behind while you + business evolves, and that my friend, just isn’t going to work.

+ Is Your Website Performing Well, Analytically (And Do You Know How to Measure That)?

Are people spending significant time browsing your site or are they jumping off right away? What’s your site traffic like? Are new leads coming in through Google as a result of your SEO ? When do people bounce off your site? Is your mobile experience JUST as good, if not better, as your desktop one? How many people are actually hitting your portfolio, services or product page?

If you answer to these questions is a slight sense of panic or “i have no clue”, don’t worry! If you aren’t familiar with your website analytics and / or don’t know how to measure them, i’ve got another post coming up to help you understand the most important stats you need to measure and how to analyze them. Understanding analytics can provide very helpful cues to know when it’s time for an update + where your current site is falling short. For now, if you don’t have any way of measuring your site analytics or someone else holds the keys to that for you, that’s one more check in the “I might need a new site” column.

+ Has Your Site been Updated to Reflect Your Current Offerings + are they crystal clear?

as we + our businesses evolve, life happens and we often forget to update our website to reflect all these changes. your website may no longer provide the kind of accurate information you need to showcase your current services really well, and that’s ok. we need to figure out how to shift things to better communicate — both visually and verbally — what you do and why you do it. another great sign that you might need a new website!

When a potential client visits your site, is it crystal clear exactly who you are, what you offer, and why people should choose YOU? 

Sometimes we forget to see things from the perspective of our customers + dream clients. No matter where someone is browsing on your website, they should get a clear, cohesive message about what you offer in 2.0 seconds or less. if someone can’t tell what you can do for them quickly + clearly, they’re going to close the tab and move onto the next option, stat.

+ Does Your Website Truly Reflect Your Brand + Demonstrate What You’re Capable Of?

Obviously you’ve got something incredible to offer. But, does your website really highlight all that you can do, or does your site limit you + fall short of capturing the best of your brand. Does it have a cohesive, aesthetic narrative that demonstrates how your business can do big, big things? 

Your site design should showcase what you offer, why you offer it, feature a review, then have a “BOOK NOW” button directly below, capturing your dream clients at the moment they’re MOST excited to take action. Your site should be designed to convertBecause otherwise, what’s the point?

If your website doesn’t do the above for you — if it’s not reaching your dream clients + converting them along the way — it’s probably time for a change.

ready for a beautiful new website, let’s chat!

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